VG Celsius
Dartholme Celsius Tasha-ET
VG-86 (2y USA) +VVVV
(VG-88 F&L)

Dartholme Celsius Tasha
2-01 2x 365d: 34,162m 1652 4.8%f 1112 3.3%p
Nov '00 Index: Milk+1601  Fat+105 +1.4%  Prot.+59 +0.5% Type+1.43
CTPI +1713
Tasha's dam is GP-82-2yr in Canada with
2-00 2x 365d 23,487m 4.g%f 1087 3.2%p 850.
She is now fresh with her second calf and is milking very well.
Tasha's Grandam is Evernook Thor Theresa VG-87-GMD-DOM with
2-04 2x 365d 40,620m 4.6%f 1884 3.6%p 1475
The next dam is VG-86 with
6y 365d 36,640m 3.5f 1293 3.1%p 1122
Tasha's June 2000 daughter by "Lantz" is at Covista

All of Tasha's embryos have been exported to Japan with the exception of a quantity of #2 embryos by "Jeff" & #1 embryos "Basar" (not eligible for Japan shipment)

Covista Holsteins James E. Coveney
RR #1 HastingsOntario, Canada, K0L 1Y0
705-696-2748 (phone) - 705-696-2980 (fax)

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