Becky developed from being one of the highest index cows in Canada to a 17-star brood cow. Her first proven son "Aeroline", is among Canada's elite proven sires. Becky's massive frame and strength make her an ideal mate for current popular sires.Her youngest daughters include a "Brock" 2-yr-old and "Convincer" heifer calves.

Unfortunately Becky is now gone, however, with her last offspring (Convincer) ariving in Spring 2001.
Oliveholme Mark Becky

2y 365d: 26,982 1052 3.9%f 944 3.5%p

Her maternal line is
8 generations VG or Ex
(VG-6*, VG-3*, VG-2*, VG-8*, VG, Ex, Ex)

Oliveholme Mark Becky
Some of the Best from Becky...
redball.gif (326 bytes) Becky's "Oscar" daughter has recently scored VG in Japan
redball.gif (326 bytes) A 2nd "Mascot" daughter has scored VG in England
     Her PIN of 158 makes her the # 4 index cow in the UK '99
redball.gif (326 bytes)
Covista Prelude Dutchess VG (Becky's daughter at Platinum Genetics)
      2-01 3x 365d: 33,303m 1250f 3.9% 1093p 3.4%
      3-03 3x 365d: 31,125m 1270f 4.1% 1138p 3.7%
redball.gif (326 bytes) Covista Mason Bonnie VG-2yr (at Covista)
     2-03 2x 365d: 28,501m 959f 3.4% 946p 3.3%
redball.gif (326 bytes) Covista Prelude Dolly VG (at Covista)
     3-06 2x 365d: 28,841m 968f 3.4% 919p 3.2%
Superior Type - Outstanding Production
Covista Prelude Bev
Covista Prelude Bev VG
3-5 365d 39,120m 3.6%f 3.0%p

Owned by Platinum Genetics
"Mascot" daughter in England
Covista Mascot Beth
Covista Mascot Beth VG
2y 305d 32,833m 1208f 3.7% 1031p 3.14%
9th generation VG or Ex
cabarb1.jpg (12826 bytes)
Covista Aerostar Barb Ex
4-03 2x 329d 37,749m 1238f 3.0% 1024p 3.0%
Barb (an outstanding full sister to "Aeroline")
Owned by Quality Holsteins
Della a VG 88 35,000 lb. daughter is at Erdine Holsteins
Covista Aerostar Beauty
Covista Aerostar Beauty VG-87
2-03 3x 365d 31,982m 1056f 3.3% 1202p 3.8%
Full sister to "Aeroline"
Owned by Twinholme Farms Ltd.
Oliveholme Aeroline
Becky's famous son
Oliveholme Aeroline
One of the top proven sires in Canada
Available through Semex Alliance
Proof Info

Covista Holsteins James E. Coveney
RR #1 HastingsOntario, Canada, K0L 1Y0
705-696-2748 (phone) - 705-696-2980 (fax)

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