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CHAH Leucosis Free Herd
located 1 1/2 hours east of Toronto
Jim Coveney
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Covista Holsteins has been dispersed. Being a part of the Canadian Holstein and dairy industry has been a rewarding occupation. Our interest and friendships remain. It is interesting to see that Covista Ty is still Canada's top bull for mammary improvement and # 20 on the LPI list. Special thanks to those who have bought stock from us and the herds that made elite genetics available for us to purchase. I look forward to World borders reopening for Holstein cattle.

Jim Coveney

We have left to sell, a package of about 40 frozen embryos at Sunshine Genetics,
from Tami (dam of Ty and Teamster), Elusive Mountain and Tasha.

Holstein Journal Cover
Oliveholme Mark Becky VG-21* with
Jack & Jean Oliver (breeders) and Jim Coveney (owner)

Holstein World Cover
Oliveholme Mark Becky VG-21*, Jim Coveney
& A. Whiteleather Rag Apple SWD Val Ex-91

James E. Coveney
RR #1 Hastings, Ontario, Canada K0L 1Y0
705-696-2748 (phone) ~~ 705-696-2980 (fax)
jec133@nexicom.net (e-mail) ~~ www.rkde.com/covista (Web Site)

Registered Breeding Stock and Embryos

World Milk Champion (3/96)!
Civista Lindy Georgia
Covista Lindy Georgia

Dam of Aeroline!
Oliveholme Mark Becky
Oliveholme Mark Becky

3 star brood, Gold Medal, Dam of Merit.
Tami is the dam of Covista TY ST. Canada's top sire for udder improvement three of the last four proofs. She is also the mother of De-Matt Rudolph Teamster the # 8 TPI bull in the USA.

World Class Embryos and Bull Contracts

The cow families that we are working with include:
Tami Georgia Beachlawn
Becky Lynland Tasha
Granduc Cherry


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